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Hello and welcome!


Here's the thing: I'm in love with the idea of blogging. I have loved blogs ever since I found out about LiveJournal in 1999. I have always kept some form of online journal. Whether it is on a platform like LiveJournal, Blogger, Wordpress.com, or Medium. I have also had my own self-hosted blogging attempts, but they never stick.
I always get overwhelmed with all the "get more followers", "monetize", "try the newest designs" things that get pushed to bloggers, as well as the pressure of having "interesting" things to tell. I don't lead the most interesting life, so I guess no one would want to read about how I cycled to work or what I cooked for lunch during the weekend.

Anyways, this blog is more of an experiment to learn something new. It is not 100% about writing and putting myself out there as it is about learning how to use GatsbyJS and Netlify. I also wanted to create something for this year's Hacktoberfest and a blog seemed like a good idea. So, um, yeah, the code for this website is open source and you can find it on my GitHub. It's not the fanciest code ever, but I can only improve, right?

Ever since I started working as a JavaScript Front End developer, I have worked with Angular. React has also been part of my work, so it's not a total stranger to me, but I have never used either of them to build a static website. This is why I got attracted to GatsbyJS.

Setting up this website with Netlify has been the smoothest deployment of my life! I'm a total stranger to deployment systems and I found the Netlify experience super easy. Get an account, connect a git repo, add a domain, and deploy! Seriously, it is mind-blowing how easy it was. Kudos to the Netlify team for making such a smooth experience for a newbie like me. (I say newbie because I have never done Continuous Deployment on my own, but I have actually been a professional developer for like 10 years now 😜)

It seemed quite easy to take the Blog Starter template and get writing in a simple code editor without all the bells and whistles of the new Wordpress Gutenberg Editor. It also gives me a chance to do something that is only for me and not for work.

I had lost a lot of joy in coding, and ever since I switched companies (a story I won't be sharing here) I have regained some of that joy. Now, I want to dedicate some time to working on a website that will become what I want it to become without any pressure from anyone or anything.

One more thing: I will write entries in both English and Spanish. Not always and not both languages at the same time. Sometimes, it is easier to express some things in my native language, others in English. Other times, I would like to write technical stuff in Spanish since resources are lacking for locals and not everyone speaks English.

We'll take it as it goes, right?

Julieta Campos Guzmán

Soy Julieta Campos, una ingeniero en sistemas mexicana viviendo en Berlín, Alemania. Me gusta programar, hornear, maquillarme y jugar Animal Crossing. Me encuentras como @juliescriptdev en:

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